Create Your Shirt – Dog Designs Letter (W)


How to order:

  1. Choose a Shirt: Style, Size and Color
  2. Choose Dog Design Size (large or pocket size) and Front or Back for application.
    You can switch between front and back and different colors to find the best match
  3. Click on desired “Dog Design”. The system will then add the picture to the shirt.
    You can move the design up or down if necessary. Change the Dog Chosen Design
    by simply clicking
    the initial design again and it will be deleted off the shirt.
    Then choose another design.
  4. The combined “Shirt/Design Image” is for online illustration purposes only.
    The dog design on the shirt will be perfectly placed during the printing process.
  5. Once you have everything the way you want, click the “Add to Cart!” button.


All Shirts printed by us are pre-washed to reduce shrinkage.

Unisex Shirts: 100% Cotton, straight cut.

Ladies Shirts: 100% Cotton, slightly fitted, wider neck, shorter arms.

V-Neck Shirts: Ladies cut, fitted, 60% combed Cotton / 40% lightweight Jersey.


Long arm Shirts: 100% Cotton, Ladies cut (Unisex available upon request).